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Catalyst® FP&A Cloud

When you’re traversing at high altitudes, you want to choose certainty over chance, whenever possible. The same applies to the value creation cycle. Our proprietary Catalyst software allows you to do just that, providing unparalleled insight into a portfolio company’s financial and operational inner workings.

A cloud-based solution Catalyst sits on top of your portfolio company’s ERP or ERPs and other data sources to provide reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting. It eliminates time wasted on low value tasks like aggregating and tying out data, giving your management team more time to focus on value creation.

Catalyst by EBM Software logo
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FASTR™ Deployment, Quicker Results

As a Cloud-based solution, install is simply a matter of hooking into your ERPs and various data sources. Our FASTRTM process takes you the rest of the way, with organization-specific customizations and training. Our goal is successful deployment with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities. Most clients are fully trained and using the system organization-wide in 6 weeks.

  • A cloud-based single source of truth
  • Slice, dice & drill into unlimited amounts of data
  • Industry-leading dynamic reporting tools
  • Integrated budgeting, planning and forecasting
  • Game-changing profitability analysis tools
  • Unite multiple ERPs/data sources
  • Save yourself from an ERP change
  • Unlimited user licenses & security preferences

Where Catalyst Can Help

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Shave 60-80% off your month-end reporting tasks. Easily pull together PE-friendly financial reporting without the need to go to multiple sources and consolidate in Excel. Daily and weekly reports for sales and operations can be done with just the push of a button.

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Data Cubes and Analysis

Dive into massive amounts of data. Slice, dice and drill down into to transaction level. Solve problems that are too big and too messy for Excel, like understanding profitability or POS. Get answers to your most pressing questions at the speed of thought.

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Planning & Forecasting

Plan and forecast from the top-down or bottom-up. Easy, cloud-based tools remove the busywork from your planning process, like consolidating multiple projections in Excel or maintaining version control. Plan by dollars, SKUs, customers or any other framework.

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Dashboards & Visualizations

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to embed Catalyst with Power BI™. Enjoy the industry’s most flexible visualization tool and start transforming static KPI’s into truly digestible measures that drive results. Mobile-optimized dashboards can be viewed anywhere on any device.

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Data Lake

Go beyond the constraints of the Data Warehouse with the power of Catalyst’s Data Lake. Analyze critical factors like Big Data sources, POS and syndicated data to see the bigger picture. Use the horsepower of Catalyst to marry up data and solve problems that are too big for Excel.

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User Managed

Democratize data throughout your organization and drive fact-based decisions. Catalyst offers an unlimited user base with no additional fees. Robust user-based security allows you to define permissions by role, department or individual.

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Catalyst® Results


Chandler Industries

500 Basis points
EBITDA growth in 3 years

$ 0 M

Dessert Holdings

eliminated in 2018

0 %

Targeted PetCare

80% Reduction
in time spent on
reporting tasks

Transform Your FP&A Process with Catalyst

Want to learn more about Catalyst? Contact us for an exclusive demo and we’ll show you how our software can help you make more money faster.