Tech-Enabled Sell Side Execution

Blue Ops Sell Side M&A services are here to help you Summit the mountain to the final sale. Today’s investment bankers are facing an increased demand for deep analytics on potential acquisitions. With Blue Ops’ expert team and our industry-leading Diligent® M&A Software, you get advanced, market-ready analytics at unprecedented speed, helping you answer buyer questions faster and maximize deal values.

In other words, with Blue Ops, investment banks can execute more deals with fewer people and make more money faster.

Diligent® M&A Software

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Our proprietary Diligent® Software is the industry’s leading Mergers and Acquisitions platform, and the most trusted solution for the investment banking industry. Why? The ROI of getting more deals done faster is incredible. Diligent provides a single point solution for the complex analytical needs of buy side firms, fulfilling data requests in a fraction of the time.

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While not a quality of earnings report in the traditional sense, a Diligent eQofE provides deep and rich analytics around the financial and operational levers of a deal. Experience this detailed analysis with a dynamic and interactive data-book, revealing the real value drivers of the transaction.

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The Diligent iQofE is not your traditional quality of earnings. It is a polished and comprehensive view that provides deep and rich analytics around the financial and operational levers of a deal. This detailed analysis and data-book reveal the real value drivers of the transaction.

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Complex Financial Analysis

While the QofE answers many questions, buyers today often want to go deeper. Diligent allows you to peel the onion and quickly provide robust answers to their questions, with the ability to aggregate, slice, dice and drill into massive amounts of financial data.

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Profitability Analysis

When the company has complex mix of SKUs, customers and channels, visibility into profitability becomes hazy. Diligent can answer questions that are too big and too complex to answer in Excel and give your buyer a clear view of customer and SKU profitability.

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Big Data Analysis

The demand for Big Data analysis is skyrocketing in the investment banking industry. Diligent allows you to easily analyze this data to draw new correlations and provide a broad and robust outlook on market trends and global intelligence.

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Syndicated Data Analysis

Diligent allows you to easily wrap in syndicated data from Nielsen, IRI and others to your analysis uncover new whitespace in the market, paint a picture of the competitive landscape and show potential buyers the broader play.

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Sell Side Process Acceleration

Teaming with Blue Ops helps the M&A timeline work for you, instead of against you. With our Diligent software and expert advisory services, sell side firms can leverage speed to take more buyers deeper into the process, create greater competitive tension and, in turn, drive higher sales multiples.

  • Analysis that once took weeks in days
  • Insights that once took days in hours
  • Exponentially faster buyer Q&A
  • No more struggling with messy data
  • Free-up junior bankers for higher value activities
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Primer: Pre-Sale Advisory Services

Blue Ops can also the industry leader in pre-sale preparation services our Primer service. We can assist in pre-sale reverse due diligence, using our analytics capabilities to spot and fix potential black swans that can damage deal outcomes later. Data is already clean and market ready when your clients call. With Blue Ops, your clients’ businesses have the advantage of being ready to sell when the market gets hot.

M&A Transaction Success Stories

Mailgun logo

$50M Top-line Consumer Technology Business

Custom cross-selt cohort and retention analytics millions of online invoices provided with goal to understand customer Purchasing patterns

Fortive logo

$775M Sale To Fortive

Provided detailed customer cohort and retention analysis for ulti-platform construction software provider to understand customer trends across all phases of the construction lifecycle

Ranir logo

$775M Cash Sale To Perrigo

Assisted multi-national private label consumer products business with several deal outputs including by Customer by SKU Price-Volume-Mix analysis down to margin
“One of the team – huge help to us all.”

API Group logo

$2.9B Sale To J2 Acquisition Ltd.

Assisted with the sale of serial acquirer by streamlining the consolidation of 105 entities on 18 different ERPs to present consistent consolidated and consolidating financial statements across the entire entity

Evans logo

$50M Top-line Consumer Product Business

Using Diligente®, presented Contribution Margin by Product Group using data science to apply known rates to estimate product-level costing by SKU by Customer

Flagstone Foods logo

$860M Sale To Treehouse Foods

Created a consolidated financial and probability platform in preparation for the sale process, which was operating with a siloed business structure due to 5 recent acquisitions

Rizing logo

Technology Solution Provider sale to One Equity Partners

Diligent® assisted sale of leading SAP-focused systems integrator presenting consolidated outputs from 14 regional offices across the globe

Confirmation logo

$45M Top-line Technology Firm

Utilized Diligent® to generate data points for uniform, regional analysis for 18 years of Company’s services across 16,000 audit firms, 4,000 banks and 5,000 law firms in 170 countries with no relational tracking

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