Due Diligence & Buy Side Advisory Services

Recon is a critical component for any mission. The PE ownership cycle is no different. The rigor and demand of buy sides has shifted in recent years with the rising prevalence of big data analytics. Today’s PE firms need deeper due diligence faster to replace assumptions with certainty, win the deal with speed and embark on the journey to the summit with eyes wide open.

From the moment the data room opens, we deliver insights that once took weeks in hours, helping you prove out the investment thesis so you can make more money faster.

Diligent® M&A Software

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Our revolutionary Diligent® supercharges your analytical capabilities, getting you the clarity needed to prove or disprove your investment thesis in a fraction of the time. With the power of Diligent by your side, assumptions become obsolete.

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Quality of Earnings Analysis & Validation

When you have critical questions on the Q of E, we can separate the wheat from the chaff. We provide an objective second set of eyes to help validate EBITDA adjustments so you can get the full context and approach the deal with eyes wide open.

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Profitability Analysis

Drill into each customer, product or service to get a complete picture of a company’s profit structure. Diligent reveals game-changing insights that shape your investment strategy and translate to post-close value creation opportunities.

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Big Data Insights and Opportunities

Layer on syndicated and 3rd party external data to analyze the target market, competitive landscape and potential white space. Answer questions that once took weeks in a fraction of the time, eliminating potential costly assumptions.

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Point of Sale Analysis

Get a clear picture of what is happening at the shelf, beyond the cash register, with Point of Sale (POS) analysis. We can layer in competitive and syndicated data, along with retailer data, giving you a complete competitive market view.

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Superior Data Room Analysis

With the power of superior analytical technology, machine learning and an experienced team that has worked on hundreds of buy sides, we ingest and structure the data so you’re getting answers days and weeks ahead of your competition.

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Conduct Deeper Due Diligence

Financial Services icon

Financial Services

EBITDA addbacks
Cash flow assumptions
Historical trends
And much more

Operational Expertise icon

Operational Expertise

SKU & Customer profitability
Gross/net profit margins
Costs of goods sold
Sales channel analysis
Big Data insights

IT Evaluation icon

IT Evaluation

ERP, CRM & systems
Cloud infrastructure
Systems security
Contractual agreements

Add Speed and Certainty to Your Process

Where We Help

  • Fast, highly competitive processes
  • Complex or messy data
  • Big Data & Special analysis to prove/disprove thesis
  • Support to get diligence over the finish line
  • Management Presentation Support
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Win Fast and Lose Faster w/ Pre-LOI Diligence Support

  • Data driven validation of key investment theses.
  • Deep, rapid analytics to uncover risks, trends & opportunities.
  • Differentiate bids with data-backed insights & intelligence.
  • Fast and accurate roll-forwards through closing.
  • Avoid wasted due diligence costs by finding deal breakers early.


Win Fast and Lose Faster w/ Pre-LOI Diligence Support

De-Risk Your Buy Side Process

Are you ready to start de-risking your buy sides? Blue Ops can help you replace assumptions with facts and execute due diligence with industry-leading speed. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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