Sell Side Preparation & Advisory

The sell-side preparation process is one of the most perilous legs of the journey up the mountain from acquisition to final sale. Even the most capable management teams are usually extremely taxed, pulling double duty running the business and preparing data for the investment bank.

Blue Ops can provide critical support during this time. With expert people and automated systems, we can ease the burden, get deeper information faster, spot and fix potential pitfalls, and supply your investment bankers with market-ready analytics that optimize transaction results.

Why Blue Ops?


How We Help

  • Deal framing: scoping data & analytical needs for optimal deal positioning
  • Data room material preparation & management
  • Staff Augmentation / support for time savings & enhanced bandwidth
  • Incremental M&A resources – finance, accounting, data science and IT
  • Projection model starter kit
  • Ad hoc analysis and model preparation & support
  • Information flow ownership & coordination
  • Pre-sale due diligence and QofE support
  • Comprehensive reporting & analysis: financial, sales and profitability
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Building Your Primer Team

We’ll assign a practice lead and a Primer team – a combination of data and finance specialists, and other roles to fill near-term gaps. Team will be based on sales plan and key drivers, covering M&A process support, analytics and reporting, data science and more.

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Processes & Automation

Standardize, simplify and automate. We have playbooks for analytics and M&A processes that greatly expedite and ease the burden of sell-side preparation. Template libraries, automated sector-specific dashboards and reporting automation are implemented, as appropriate.

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Current Systems

Two-dimensional constraints are removed and bulk transactional downloads are immediately implemented in the first 24 hours. Reporting and Power BI Dashboards are created with automated roll-forward updates.

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New Systems

AI & Machine learning provide smart structuring and automate/assist in data cleansing, reconciliation and anomaly detection. We stage and populate the data room and offer greatly simplified methods for getting the right data into the right hands via our proprietary software.

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Blue Ops Network & MSA

We offer an MSA to create greater alignment to your overarching goals. Our teams and services are available to augment yours, on-demand, through the sale preparation – whether it’s experienced people, playbook execution, or analysis and data automation.

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Catalyst® FP&A Software

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Catalyst® is our cloud-based FP&A and reporting solution. With it, you can root out issues that may result in lost/dead deals and automate many of the time-consuming data aggregation and number crunching tasks that occur prior to sale. This frees up tremendous bandwidth to focus your team’s efforts on higher value activities.

De-risk pre-sale processes and maximize exit value with automation, intelligence and experience.

When to Call Us

  • Deal complexity – new acquisitions, complex storylines, sophisticated process
  • Data complexity – system issues/gaps, messy/big data
  • Market is right, but you’re not quite ready
  • Lean management team
  • Lack of management M&A experience
  • Can’t-miss transaction (Deal Insurance)
  • Business disruptions/impediments present
  • Open initiatives are stalling the process

Where We Play

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Enter the sale process prepared, with confidence


Accelerated sale timelines


Enhance certainty of close


Maximize exit value


Identify / optimize risks & opportunities


Management M&A burden relief


Simplify Your Sell Side Preparation

Are you ready to simplify and de-risk your sell-side process? Blue Ops can provide the expertise and market-ready analytics to help your business prepare for a successful sale.

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