M&A Advisory Services

We’re with you on every leg of the climb

We believe our experience and tools will provide the best possible chance of ascending the mountain that stands between the acquisition and the sale. We don’t just climb the mountain, we live on the mountain.

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Add Speed and Certainty to Your Process

Blue Ops is here to make sure you look good. We understand the issues that arise again and again in the M&A and value creation cycles. Our services are designed to dismantle those problems so you can rest easy at night and stop scrambling for ad hoc fixes to PE-industry-specific issues. We’re a team you can trust to step-in, get our hands dirty and deliver results. Every. Single. Time.

Why choose Blue Ops?

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M&A – Deal Team

Superior preparation for the journey with tech-enabled due diligence and transition planning.

  • Enhanced due diligence speed
  • Financial and operational analytics
  • Syndicated and Big Data analysis

Post-Close – Operating Team

“Acclimatize the business” with transition support to your operating model and expectations.

  • 100-day plan and implementation
  • Stand up F&A depts/processes
  • Reporting, forecasting, FP&A
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Operating Team / CFO

Experienced guidance on the climb, with finance & accounting support during the hold period.

  • Fill F&A personnel gaps
  • Launch new F&A initiatives
  • De-risk critical transitions

Deal Team & Operating Team

Navigate the deadliest leg of the climb with pre-banker sale preparation services and support.

  • Presale analytics automation
  • Increase bandwidth with
    experienced personnel
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M&A – Investment Bank

Summit smoothly and maximize exit value with tech-enabled post-banker M&A execution.

  • Get answers to buyers faster
  • Deep/complex data analysis
  • More deals w/ fewer people
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Investment Banking Services

Senior Partner Mike Skillingstad highlights 3 quick ways Blue Ops is able to help investment banks through the sales process using our software and expertise.

Play Video about Private Equity Services video cover

Private Equity Services

Blue Ops Senior Partner Mike Skillingstad describes how the team is able to help private equity clients when they decide to sell a portfolio company.