Our Story

After 10 years, MGMT3D is rebranding to Blue Ops. Why Blue Ops? It represents two of our most important values. Blue is synonymous with Trust – we aim to be the most trusted partner of private equity and investment banking firms as they prepare to buy & sell companies. “Ops” because we are a tactical asset that can come in and execute your most challenging jobs with surgical precision.

We’ve worked in the PE & investment banking worlds, and have formulated a unique combination of people, processes and systems laser-focused on addressing the problems that arise again and again in the M&A cycle.

Today’s PE firms and investment banks need to extract meaningful insights from trillions of lines of company data, big data, market data and more. They need experienced hands to quickly and cleanly guide difficult transitions. They need proven playbooks that WORK.

Blue Ops is a trusted partner you can deploy to de-risk your M&A process with experienced hands and advanced analytical tools. In fact, no single PE firm or investment bank will touch more deal processes this year than us.

While your finance teams may have climbed the mountain of an M&A process once or twice before, we’ve done it hundreds of times. We don’t just climb the mountain, we live on the mountain.

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Our Mission: To be Your Most Trusted Partner.

Because We Believe

  • Passionately about making it easier to be better.
  • The proof of our value is ONLY found in your results.
  • Extraordinary Value is created through experience and trust.

Our Team

We believe that our experience, combined with our proven processes and systems, will provide you with the best possible chance of ascending the mountain that stands between the acquisition and the sale.

Imagine if you had a trusted partner…

  • Who knows PE, M&A and your specific business/operating model.
  • Who can effect change, get solutions implemented and make things happen.
  • Who has people with the broad set of skills, levels and styles needed to deliver just about any reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) response.
  • Who has a mixture of experience and innovation that prevents them from becoming obsolete or irrelevant in an ever-changing world.
  • Who has a network of experts to broaden their capabilities.
  • Who has total solutions (people, processes and systems) that are quickly deployed and customizable to your businesses’ unique issues.
  • Who believes that their value only comes from delivering yours.

Our Success

Blue Ops has played key supporting roles in hundreds of successful M&A transactions, including multiple deals of the year. See some of our recent success stories.

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Interested in partnering with us? Let’s talk. We’d love to know how we can help.