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Who We Are

Blue Ops specializes in M&A Advisory and business optimization. After more than a decade in business and hundreds of M&A transactions, we’ve learned the journey from initial due diligence to the final exit is much like climbing a mountain. When you team with expert guides, take tested trails, and use quality gear, you have significantly less risk and an exponentially greater chance of reaching higher peaks.

As such, we leverage people, processes, systems, and relationships to aid our clients at every stage of the M&A and private equity ownership cycle.

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Like the premier guides used to summit Everest or K2, we have seasoned M&A professionals who have thousands of hours on the “mountain.” From best-in-class buy side & sell side support to in-seat operating roles, our team’s extensive training and experience gives our clients an edge and helps them to achieve some of their “highest” successes.

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Why blaze new trails when we know the best routes with the least risk? Whether acclimatizing your new acquisition with our 100-day onboarding playbook or ensuring your business has its bags packed before going to market, we have the playbooks and approaches to ensure each “climb” is a success.

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Although it’s always possible to summit Everest without the best climbing gear, why would you? For years, we have been at the forefront of providing the best M&A, data analytics and FP&A systems available to our clients - reducing risk, speeding execution and ultimately delivering the best returns.

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Blue Ops provides you with more than a single solution for a single problem. We provide an ongoing relationship with someone who truly understands your business, has been there before, and can be trusted to get results.

Elite Operating Talent

Blue Ops takes great care to source talent from top firms, corporations and schools. We invest in a rigorous testing and training process to develop our elite operators and provide our partners with world-class talent that complements your teams.

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Blue Ops talent graphic concept

Where We Play in the M&A Process

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Our solutions are laser-focused on bridging the key gaps that continue to be problematic for middle-market PE firms, investment banks and PortCo management teams. We exist so the management team can focus on running the business and the deal teams can focus on deals.

We stack the deck in your favor on every leg of the climb.

Our Technology: Your Unfair Advantage

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Diligent® is a next-gen platform for our private equity and investment banking partners. Enhance buy side due diligence with deep analytics, manage your portfolio and field buyer inquiries with light speed during the final sale. Explore Diligent

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Catalyst® is cloud-based FP&A and reporting platform for portfolio companies. It is a powerful analytical tool that replaces assumptions with facts and eliminates low value busy work so management teams can focus on value creation. Explore Catalyst

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Case Studies

See a small sampling of our work from our many Blue Ops deals this year. We can de-risk your most complex/difficult transactions.


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